Release Notes

Release notes for DC/OS Kubernetes version 2.2.0-1.13.3

Version 2.2.0-1.13.3

Breaking Changes from 1.x

  • DC/OS Kubernetes 2.2.0-1.13.3 requires DC/OS 1.12.
  • DC/OS Kubernetes 2.2.0-1.13.3 introduces breaking changes to the way the package works and is deployed. Therefore, it is not possible to upgrade an existing installation of DC/OS Kubernetes to 2.2.0-1.13.3.
  • Before installing kubernetes-cluster package 2.2.0-1.13.3, the kubernetes package must be installed and running.
  • It is no longer possible to install DC/OS Kubernetes on DC/OS Enterprise without specifying a service account and a service account secret with adequate permissions.
  • Package options have been renamed and re-organized.
    • node_placement renamed to private_node_placement
    • reserved_resources renamed to private_reserved_resources
    • control_plane_reserved_resources contains the combined resources from previous 1.x options apiserver, controller_manager and scheduler and 2.0.0-1.12.0-beta options control_plane_cpus, control_plane_mem and control_plane_disk were moved to under this group.


  • Kubernetes v1.13.3
  • dcos-commons v0.55.2
  • CoreDNS v1.3.1
  • Enable CSI features required for CSI integration.
  • Automate the task replacement when a DC/OS agent is decommissioned.
  • Allow changing automated DC/OS proxy configuration into Kubernetes cluster tasks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where providing --aws-session-token for cluster backup and cluster restore commands did not actually work.
  • Fix a bug affecting clusters in which the Kubernetes service CIDR or Calico network CIDR overlapped with Docker’s default bridge network by disabling the bridge.


  • Add a Storage page documenting Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Known Issues

Known issues and limitations are listed in the Limitations page.


See Changelog for a list of all changes.