Tutorial - Setting Up Kubernetes on DC/OS Enterprise


Learn how to get up and running using Kubernetes on DC/OS Enterprise

Learning Objectives

In this guided tutorial, you will learn many of the basics of using Kubernetes on top of DC/OS Enterprise. Specifically, you will be:

* setting up the DC/OS Enterprise cluster to be able to connect to the Kubernetes command line (`kubectl`)
* configuring and securing service accounts for MKE and each Kubernetes cluster to be created
* installing the Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine and CLI to create Kubernetes clusters
* configuring DC/OS Edge-LB on top of DC/OS Enterprise to connect to multiple Kubernetes clusters' api servers
* deploying an Nginx deployment on your new cluster
* viewing the Kubernetes dashboard

IMPORTANT: This tutorial assumes you have access to a production DC/OS Enterprise cluster.

First Section: Installing and Using Kubernetes on DC/OS

In the first part of the tutorial, you will set up your cluster for a successful installation of DC/OS Kubernetes.