Instructions for removing the DC/OS Storage Service from a DC/OS cluster

WARNING: Beta Software This software may contain bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies. Contact Mesosphere before deploying a beta candidate service. Product support is available to approved participants in the beta test program. Contact support@mesosphere.io for information about participation.

Uninstall the DSS package

You can uninstall the DSS using the following command:

$ dcos package uninstall beta-storage
WARNING: This action cannot be undone. This will uninstall [beta-storage] and delete all of its persistent data (logs, configurations, database artifacts, everything).
Please type the name of the service to confirm: beta-storage
Uninstalled package [beta-storage] version [v0.2.0-rc3]

Uninstall the local universe

Remove the corresponding local universe using the following command:

$ dcos package repo remove storage-artifacts-<SHA>