dcos storage profile deactivate



dcos storage profile deactivate

Deactivate an active volume profile.



<name>     The name of the volume profile.

Profiles cannot be changed once they have been created (i.e., they are immutable) and they also cannot be removed. Instead of removing volume profiles, you can deactivate a volume profile. No new volumes can be associated with a volume profile that has been deactivated.

You can reactivate a deactivated profile using the reactivate command.

dcos storage profile deactivate <name> [flags]


  1. Create a volume profile then deactivate it and try to create a volume of that profile:
# Create the 'safe' profile.
$ cat <<EOF | dcos storage profile create
    "name": "safe",
    "description": "Volumes backed by RAID-1 devices.",
    "spec": {
        "provider-selector": {
            "plugin": "lvm",
            "matches": {
                "labels": {"raid": "1"}
        "mount": {}

# Create a volume from volume profile 'safe'.
$ dcos storage volume create my-volume-1 10G safe

# Deactivate the 'safe' volume profile.
$ dcos storage profile deactivate safe

# Try and create a new volume from volume profile 'safe'.
$ dcos storage volume create my-volume-2 10G safe
Error: Profile is not active.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -h, --help               Help for this command.
  --timeout duration   Override the default request timeout. (default 55s)