Release Notes



Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the Beta DC/OS Storage Service

Release Notes for Beta DC/OS Storage Service version 0.5.0

  • This version of the DC/OS Storage Service requires DC/OS Enterprise version 1.12.1 or later.
  • Upgrading DSS from v0.4.x to v0.5.x requires manual intervention. Simply upgrading the beta-storage package is not sufficient.


  • More robust coordination with Mesos in regard to resource reservations and create/remove volume operations.
  • Configurable logrotate maximal stdout/stderr size for the DC/OS Storage Service itself.
  • LVM provider names are now limited to 64 characters in length.
  • The devices and lvm plugins have been updated with fixes.
  • Added log-journald package configuration option to redirect storage service logs to journald.
  • Provider and volume records are purged from DSS history upon successful removal.
  • Increase default CPU requirements to reduce CPU throttling and API tail latencies.
  • Various other bug/performance fixes and documentation corrections.


  • Only local volume storage is currently supported.
  • Volume profile deactivation is not supported.
  • Automated upgrades of a running DC/OS Storage Service on an existing cluster are not yet supported.
  • The service must be deployed in a DC/OS cluster running in strict security mode when configured with a service account and corresponding secret.

Known Issues

DC/OS Storage Service is currently in Beta and has the following known bugs.

  • The devices provider plugin does not witness new or removed devices on the agent until the agent is restarted.
  • dcos storage CLI sub-commands may fail with a gateway timeout error, but still complete successfully in the background.
  • MOUNTPOINT and FSTYPE are no longer available via dcos storage device list.
  • The Mesos SLRP implementation is not yet compatible with multiple profiles that consume capacity from the same provider in different ratios (for example, RAID1 and linear).
  • The storage service should only list providers that it currently manages; incompletely removed providers may be incorrectly listed in some cases.
  • Deleting a volume may fail with “Cannot allocate memory” on CoreOS; please use a supported version of CoreOS.
  • Kernels from (including) 3.10.0-862.6.3.el7 up to (including) 3.10.0-862.11.6.el7 may panic as a result of LVM operations (