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dcos storage

Manage storage volumes, volume profiles and volume providers.


You must configure a volume provider and a volume profile before creating a volume. A volume provider manages storage capacity offered by a CSI plugin to the DC/OS cluster through a DC/OS Storage Plugin. A DC/OS Storage Plugin consists of a CSI plugin along with some code that integrates it into DC/OS. A volume provider that specifies its plugin as “lvm” is referred to as an "lvm" volume provider.

A volume profile represents volume configurations based on volume provider, volume parameters, and/or labels. For example, if you want to differentiate between HDDs and SSDs for different purposes you can create a fast volume profile that identifies your SSDs and a slow volume profile that identifies your HDDs. If your framework is Cassandra, then it distinguishes between "cache" and “archive” storage. You can then configure it to map your fast volume profile to Cassandra’s “cache” storage and your slow volume profile to Cassandra’s “archive” storage.

Once you have configured a volume provider (e.g., an LVM2 volume group) and a volume profile (e.g., all-ssds) you use the dcos storage volume ... sub-command to create and manage volumes.

dcos storage [flags]


  --info   Display binary info

Options inherited from parent commands

  -h, --help               Help for this command.
  --timeout duration   Override the default request timeout. (default 55s)