Release Notes



Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the Beta DC/OS Storage Service

Release Notes for Beta DC/OS Storage Service version 0.4.0

  • This version of the DC/OS Storage Service requires DC/OS version 1.12 or later.

New features

  • Local volume provider support for LVM2-backed RAID1 storage. See the Volume plugins documentation for details.


  • Added the --all flag for the list action of storage CLI sub-commands profile, provider, and volume.
  • The --timeout flag, added to all storage CLI sub-commands, limits the time that the CLI waits for a storage service response.
  • Improved error reporting for storage CLI sub-commands.
  • Improved interoperability with other DC/OS CLI sub-commands.
  • Emitted statsd metrics use _ instead of . as a sub-label separator.
  • Additional metrics for previously untracked Mesos API interactions.
  • Increased verbosity for debug logging in the RPC layer.
  • Support for performance diagnosis at run-time.
  • Configurable CPU, memory, and disk resource usage for the DC/OS Storage Service itself.
  • Improvements to Mesos offer handling to improve throughput and reduce offer contention.
  • Documentation corrections and enhancements.
  • Various other bug fixes.


DC/OS Storage Service is currently in Beta and has the following known limitations.

  • Only local volume storage is currently supported.
  • Volume profile deactivation is not supported.
  • Removing the devices provider from a node is not supported.
  • Automated upgrades of a running DC/OS Storage Service on an existing cluster are not yet supported.
  • The service must be deployed in a DC/OS cluster running in strict security mode when configured with a service account and corresponding secret.

Known Issues

DC/OS Storage Service is currently in Beta and has the following known bugs.

  • Local volume creation will fail if the volume provider name is too long.
  • Local volume removal can hang indefinitely.
  • The devices provider plugin does not witness new or removed devices on the agent until the agent is restarted.
  • Multiple storage providers with the same name can be created, but only uniquely named providers are listed.
  • dcos storage CLI sub-commands may fail with a gateway timeout error, but still complete successfully in the background.