Provision Extra Agent Volumes


Provision extra agent volumes using Universal Installer

DC/OS Storage Service (DSS) can leverage additional raw volumes mounted on an agent to provide additional services. DC/OS Universal Installer supports provisioning a cluster with extra volumes created for each agent node.


Please follow the instructions to setup the Universal Installer on AWS.

To provision extra volumes on each agent node, specify the private_agents_extra_volumes variable in the main AWS dcos module. All agent nodes will have the same volume configurations specified.

module "dcos" {
  source  = "dcos-terraform/dcos/aws"
  version = "~> 0.1.0"

  # ......

  private_agents_extra_volumes = [
      size        = "100"
      type        = "gp2"
      iops        = "5000"
      device_name = "/dev/xvdi"
      size        = "500"
      type        = "st1"
      device_name = "/dev/xvdj"

Volume Configurations

  • size: The size in GB for the volume (optional, default = “120”).
  • type: The type of the volume (i.e., API Name in this AWS doc) (optional, default = “standard”)
  • iops: The IOPS of the volume (optional, default is the AWS default).
  • device_name: The device name (e.g., /dev/xvdi) used to attach the volume on the host (required). Note that device_name has to be unique, otherwise, the install will fail.