Via Package Registry


Installing the DC/OS Storage Service using the package registry


  • DC/OS Enterprise 1.12 or later.
  • DC/OS CLI is installed and you are logged in as a superuser.

Install package registry

Please follow these instructions to install the package registry.

Download the DSS package

You can download the .dcos package of the DC/OS Storage Service (DSS) from the Mesosphere support site. You must have a Mesosphere support account in order to download software from this page.

Install the DSS package

  1. Assume that the downloaded package is called storage.dcos in the current working directory. Run the dcos registry add command to add it.

    dcos registry add --dcos-file storage.dcos
  2. Run the dcos package install command to install the storage service:

    dcos package install storage --package-version=<VERSION>

Verify that the DSS is running

Run the dcos storage version command and wait for the DSS to be ready.

dcos storage version