Restore Operation

Restoring backed up data from data store


Restoring is a manual process and will be used to restore any backed up data from any S3-compatible data store.

Restoring from backup

  1. Pause all Percona XtraDB Cluster Server tasks.

    dcos percona-pxc-mysql --name=percona-pxc-mysql debug pod pause <pod-name> -t <task-name>
  2. Start the restore plan.

    dcos percona-pxc-mysql plan start restore -p ACCESS_KEY_ID=<ACCESS_KEY> -p SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>
  3. Resume all Percona XtraDB Cluster Server tasks sequentially such that a node is resumed only when its predecessor node has arrived in synced state:

    dcos percona-pxc-mysql --name=percona-pxc-mysql debug pod resume <pod-name> -t <task-name>

This will restore the backed up PXC data to your existing cluster.