Backup Operation

Backing up your service to an S3-compatible endpoint

Backing Up

Back up the Percona XtraDB Cluster service by specifying the endpoint of an S3-compatible data store where the data will be backed up. The backup store endpoint is the field in the framework configuration that requires this endpoint.


This task requires the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key of the S3-compatible data store. It will execute a backup task which will run the Xtrabackup utility of Percona XtraDB. Data will be copied to S3 compatible storage with the help of the Minio client. A bucket will be created in the S3-compatible store with the name percona-pxc-mysql.

Launching the backup plan

To launch the backup plan, run the following command from the DC/OS CLI:

 dcos percona-pxc-mysql plan start backup -p ACCESS_KEY_ID=<ACCESS_KEY> -p SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>