Disk Caching in DC/OS Minio

Using caching disks to store content

Disk caching refers to the use of caching disks to store content closer to tenants.


The Disk Caching feature can be enabled by updating the cache settings in the config.json file of Minio.

You must specify

  • the number of volumes to be mounted
  • cache expiry duration in days
  • any wildcard patterns to exclude from being cached

For Example:

    "minio_cache_enable": {
      "title": "Minio cache enable",
      "description": "Enable Disk Caching in Minio, to store content closer to the tenants",
      "type": "boolean",
      "default": true
    "minio_cache_expiry": {
      "title": "Minio cache expiry",
      "description": "Days to cache expiry",
      "type": "integer",
      "default": 90
    "minio_cache_exclude": {
      "title": "Minio cache exclude",
      "description": "List of wildcard patterns for prefixes to exclude from cache",
      "type": "string",
      "default": "*.pdf"
    "minio_cache_maxuse": {
      "title": "Minio cache maxuse",
      "description": "Restricting maximum usage of cache",
      "type": "integer",
      "default": 80
    "cache_disk": {
      "title": "Disk size (MB)",
      "description": "Size of Cache disk (in MB)",
      "type": "integer",
      "default": 252
    "cache_disk_type": {
      "title": "Disk type [ROOT, MOUNT]",
      "description": "Mount volumes require preconfiguration in DC/OS",
      "enum": [
      "default": "ROOT"

Via DC/OS web interface

You can enable disk caching in Minio by checking the minio cache enable checkbox while installing the Minio service from the DC/OS web interface. You will also need to specify the minio cache expiry duration as noted above.


Figure 1. - Edit Configuration screen in DC/OS web interface