Hive Metastore 1.0.0-3.0.0

DC/OS Hive Metastore is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage Hive Metastore on Mesosphere DC/OS, eliminating nearly all of the complexity traditionally associated with managing a Metastore cluster. Hive Metastore is a metadata store for all Hive object definitions such as databases, tables, and functions. The Metastore can persist these definitions to a relational database (RDBMS) and can be configured to embed the Apache Derby RDBMS or connect to an external RDBMS (such as MySQL). The Metastore can be configured to be highly available, fault tolerant, and durable. For more information on Hive Metastore, see the Hive Metastore documentation.


DC/OS Metastore offers the following benefits of a semi-managed service:

  • Easy installation
  • Simple horizontal scaling of Metastore nodes
  • Multiple Metastore nodes enable high availability


DC/OS Metastore provides the following features:

  • Single-command installation for rapid provisioning
  • Multiple clusters for multi-tenancy with DC/OS
  • High availability runtime configuration and software updates