Edge-LB HAProxy endpoints reference

Describes the endpoints exposed by Edge-LB HAProxy instances

Edge-LB automatically generates configuration information for the HAProxy® program, then reloads and restarts HAProxy, as needed. Edge-LB generates the HAProxy configuration based on application data available from configuration templates in the HAProxy configuration file (haproxy.cfg) and Marathon app definition.

When an application starts, stops, relocates, or has any change in health status, Edge-LB automatically regenerates the HAProxy configuration and reloads HAProxy.

Edge-LB HAProxy endpoints

By default, each load-balancer instance in an Edge-LB pool exposes the following endpoints on port 9090. Alternatively, you can configure which port to use for these endpoints by changing the pool.haproxy.stats.bindPort configuration setting.

Endpoint Description
public-node:9090/haproxy?stats The Statistics endpoint produces an HTML page that provides statistical information about the current HAProxy instance, including information about current connections and load balancing activity for the HAProxy instance. You can view the statistics provided by this endpoint in your browser.
public-node:9090/haproxy?stats;csv The Statistics CSV endpoint provides statistical information about the current HAProxy instance and load balancing activity as comma-separated values (CSV). In CSV format, other tools can consume the information. For example, this endpoint produces the results used in the zdd.py script.
public-node:9090/_haproxy_health_check The Health check endpoint returns 200 OK if HAProxy is healthy.
public-node:9090/_haproxy_getconfig The Configuration endpoint returns the current HAProxy configuration file (haproxy.cfg) for an HAProxy instance. This endpoint returns the configuration used when the HAProxy instance was started. The endpoint is implemented by the getconfig.lua script.