REST API reference

Provides reference for Edge-LB REST API endpoints

The Edge-LB API enables users to create and manage pools of Edge-LB load balancers. There are two versions of the Edge-LB API, both of which are supported to enable backward compatibility. You can find reference information and examples in the Pool Configuration Reference section.


Access to the Edge-LB API is proxied through the Admin Router on the master nodes using the following route by default:


NOTE: The path to Edge-LB endpoints might be different if you change the service name. For example, if you changed the default Edge-LB service name to append a geographic location, such as `edgelb-emea`, the path to the service would be `/service/edgelb-emea`.

To determine the address of your cluster, see Cluster Access.


All Edge-LB API routes require authentication to use. To authenticate API requests, see Obtaining an authentication token and Passing an authentication token.

The Edge-LB API also requires authorization through the following permissions:

Route Permission
/service/edgelb/ dcos:adminrouter:service:edge-lb

All routes may also be reached by users with the dcos:superuser permission. To assign permissions to your account, see Assigning permissions.

API specification

The following resources are available:

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