Alertmanager Storage

Alertmanager Storage

Configuring Alertmanager Storage

DSS Volume

You can configure Alertmanager to use a dedicated volume provided by the DC/OS Storage Service (DSS).

At least one volume must be available for Alertmanager to use. For more information on creating volumes, see the DC/OS Storage Service documentation.

When configuring Alertmanager, select MOUNT for its volume type, choose the minimum size for the volume in MB, and enter the profile for the volume. For more information on volume profiles, see the DC/OS Storage Service documentation.

The following configuration will deploy Alertmanager to a volume with a profile of fast that is 512 MB or larger. If there is no such volume available, Alertmanager will fail to deploy.

  "alertmanager": {
    "data_volume": {
      "type": "MOUNT",
      "size": 512,
      "profile": "fast"

Alertmanager DSS GUI example