Access Grafana UI

WARNING: It is recommended to access Grafana via Edge-LB. If you access Grafana via Admin Router then it can limit the capabilities of Grafana. For example, some graphs will not work under load.

Access through Admin Router

You can access the Grafana UI through Admin Router using the “Services” routes by default (unless grafana.admin_router_proxy is set to false).

Assuming the service name is dcos-monitoring (default), you can access the Grafana UI using the following URL:


Admin credentials

By default, the Admin user credentials for Grafana are admin:admin.

You can configure the Admin user credentials by setting grafana.admin_credentials.

dcos security secrets create --value=<ADMIN_USERNAME> adminusername-secret
dcos security secrets create --value=<ADMIN_PASSWORD> adminpassword-secret

Create a custom option file (options.json) like the following.

  "grafana": {
    "admin_credentials": {
      "username_secret": "adminusername-secret",
      "password_secret": "adminpassword-secret"