Default Grafana Dashboards for DC/OS

Default Grafana dashboards for DC/OS.

Load default Grafana dashboards for DC/OS

The DC/OS Monitoring service ships with a set of default Grafana dashboards for DC/OS. Those dashboards will be automatically loaded if grafana.default_dashboards is set to true.

Users can choose to disable this feature by setting grafana.default_dashboards to false.

  "grafana": {
    "default_dashboards": true

These default dashboards are pulled from the Mesosphere-maintained Git repository Dashboards are updated with each DC/OS Monitoring service release. To use the most up-to-date version of these dashboards instead of waiting for the next release, users should set grafana.default_dashboards to false and configure the DC/OS Monitoring service to load Grafana dashboard configurations from this Git repository.