Release Notes

Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the Cassandra Service

Release Notes for Cassandra Service version 2.6.0-3.11.4


  • Upgraded Cassandra to version 3.11.4
  • Upgraded SDK library to version 0.56.1
  • Oracle JDK has been replaced with OpenJDK 8

New Features

  • Added support for both custom and Apache Cassandra’s native authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Added support for DSS volume profiles
  • User defined functions are now configurable
  • Added custom domain support


  • Many of Cassandra’s parameters are now configurable from the DC/OS UI.

Upgrading your cluster from 2.5.0-3.11.3 to 2.6.0-3.11.4

  • Run the following command to upgrade your Cassandra package:
    dcos cassandra update start --package-version=2.6.0-3.11.4 --replace