This DC/OS 101 tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to get started using DC/OS.

Important: Mesosphere does not support this tutorial, associated scripts, or commands, which are provided without warranty of any kind. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate capabilities, and may not be suited for use in a production environment. Before using a similar solution in your environment, you must adapt, validate, and test.

The tutorial is designed to provide users and applications developers an overview of the DC/OS basics. This tutorial discusses basic recipes for developing and orchestrating applications for a distributed landscape. To provide hands-on experience, you will develop and deploy multiple applications (including stateful, dockerized, and non-dockerized) on an actual cluster during each step of the tutorial. To provide even more rationale and background information the tutorial also includes optional deep dives into relevant topics.

The DC/OS 101 tutorial includes the following sessions:

  1. First Steps
  2. Installing Package
  3. Deploying Your First App
  4. Connecting Apps and Service Discovery
  5. Deploying Native Apps
  6. Exposing Apps Publicly
  7. Understanding Resources
  8. Load-Balancing