Upgrade platform service addons

Upgrade individual addon platform services for your Konvoy cluster

Konvoy platform service addons are managed by a library that pulls default configuration details from the kubeaddons-configs repository.

Versioning for the platform service addons is managed by git tags and github releases within the kubeaddons-configs repository.

Addons are deployed to the cluster as part of the konvoy deploy command. The konvoy deploy command uses the version of kubeaddons-configs declared in the cluster.yaml configuration file using the spec.addons.version setting. For example:

kind: ClusterConfiguration
apiVersion: konvoy.mesosphere.io/v1alpha1
  name: konvoy_v0.0.19
    version: v0.0.20

You can edit this version setting to deploy a different version of addons to your cluster. After modifying the cluster.yaml file, you can update the Konvoy cluster by running the following command:

konvoy deploy